Ekam World Peace Festival With Dr. Joe Dispenza

The fourth annual Ekam World Peace Festival is about to begin! The event will stream live from India on YouTube, taking place September 17-19, at 5:30 AM PDT, and will feature guests like Dr. Joe Dispenza. Yes…I know that’s early. But it’s worth it. (I’m always awake before 5, sometimes way before

I Tried TRE – AKA Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

To be honest, blog writing can feel a bit weird. Writing out something that may or may not be helpful or enjoyable, and sending it out into the world anyway. For who knows whose eyes to see. I mean doing anything really creative feels this way. It’s weird. However, the moments that


Places to Take Filmmaking Classes in Austin

For Austin-based filmmakers (or those who would like to become filmmakers), the city offers up a variety of accessible, highly educational, hands-on filmmaking classes. In this case, we’re focusing on classes that exist outside of the university system. (Of course, they’re great too!) The options listed here offer various class

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