Ekam World Peace Festival With Dr. Joe Dispenza

The fourth annual Ekam World Peace Festival is about to begin! The event will stream live from India on YouTube, taking place September 17-19, at 5:30 AM PDT, and will feature guests like Dr. Joe Dispenza. Yes…I know that’s early. But it’s worth it. (I’m always awake before 5, sometimes way before

World Oneness Day: an Hour-Long Global Virtual Live Online Event

We’re coming up to World Oneness Day on March 7, where millions of people will be coming together (remotely!) with the intention of working on world oneness. From EKAM’s official website: “At the heart of all problems in the world is division and separation- be it political problems, economic problems, wars, poverty,

Books Every Creative Should Read

I sometimes wonder whether I’m a reader because I’m a writer or if I became a writer because I’m a reader…and if it even matters. Maybe it’s all the same thing. I