Let’s Go Here: Hotel Casa Telmo

I think my mouth is watering. 

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Hotel Casa Telmo in Menorca, Spain looks pretty interesting from imagery alone, but it gets even more interesting the more you hear about it. The five-bedroom hotel was created inside of a 19th century townhouse, and it’s owned by 24-year-old interior designers. How could that not be cool?

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The hotel still retains a lot of the design details that the three-story home was born with, but it’s been outfitted with flea market finds from Spain, France, and all over Europe. Naturally, each room of the hotel is a bit different, and guests can meet over breakfast in the group dining area.

Menorca happens to be a Mediterranean island, which means warm weather and warm water. I think my mouth is watering just thinking about it and we’re not even talking about food. But to add a note about food, I have heard that Menorca is heavy in cheese, gin, and lobster. I would substitute wine personally, but lobster sounds great. Let’s go? 

All imagery via Casa Telmo

All imagery via Casa Telmo


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