All the Times We Loved the Perfect Lil Nas X Style

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Lil Nas X in a black cowboy hat.

We have a lot of music style icons, but the Lil Nas X style profile might be on top. We’re not just loving the occasional outfit here and there, it’s more like stunner after stunner, and pretty much the only time that we might say something like “OMG I need this in my life.”

Here are some of the times that we deeply admired this incredible Lil Nas X style.

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  1. Lil Nas X in the hottest pink outfit of all the pink outfits.

It’s remarkable. So pink. So cropped, so sassy, so layered. The gold! The giant shoulders! I’d like to wear this outfit in its entirety but also have a legitimate reason to do so.

2. Lil Nas X does loungewear.

The comfy chic of dreams. Especially today, which of writing, is Sunday. This seems like a great outfit choice for being sleepy and pretending to watch the Superbowl. (Or whatever else one might be doing on another loungy/semi-social Sunday.)

3. Owning neon green.

I can’t think of a lot of people who would wear this look so naturally. Are those neon green zebra gloves?

4. WEARING leather.

I feel like fire leather pants and vests in general are both kind of hard to pull off. So I really respect the fact that he’s accomplishing this here.

5. Lil Nas X the star.

This heavenly Variety cover filled with stars (my favorite) and shimmery blue (also my favorite.)

6. In more blue for you.

More blue and more animal print. Making neutrals out of wild things one blue animal print at a time. Hello sheer top and jewel-encrusted country belt.

7. With all the details.

What I’d give for an outfit with some dangly gold things.

8. Lil Nas X goes resort chic.

What a dream. Also let’s take a moment to appreciate all of the dangly earrings.

9. Doing the black button-down thing.

I mean. It’s just…beautiful. I actually have a shirt very similar to this, which perhaps I should consider wearing. Cher in Clueless has a sheer black top too. (See below.) See, Lil Nas X style is purely iconic.

This kind of looks like Cher is like “WTF Lil Nas X stole my look!” OR “WTF why are guys allowed to wear their sheer black button-down tops without undershirts? Free the nipples!” But I just chose this still because it’s a good shot of said look.

cher from clueless in a button down top.

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