Kate Ferguson is an L.A. based writer, actress, producer, and media storyteller in ventures spanning entertainment to tech. She is the founder of Divvy Magazine, a lover of analog photography, and is captivated by most aspects of filmmaking. Find her on social media: @KateFerg

Musician Madeline Rosene Writes Honest AF

Honest and authentic are words that come to mind when describing her music. I’m also tempted to add astute, or sagacious, or one of those other fancy adjectives that best implies a mix of wit and good judgement.

The Worst Coffee Shop

The Worst Coffee Shop A version of this essay was previously shared on thatsrandomkate.blogspot.com October

The World Needs Your Art

You don’t need to know whether your art your will change the blueprints of the world or whether it will touch one single person. It’s all the same.

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