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New trends within the beauty industry are constantly popping up, but there are always a few that are leading the pack. This year we can expect to see an increase of natural products, eco-friendly things, and products that do double (or triple) duty.



Injectables like Botox and fillers are only growing in popularity. In addition to new (and better) products being released all the time, new businesses are forming within the industry as well.

One of those businesses is L.A.-based Alchemy43, which offers up these “micro treatments.” AKA personalized, tailored cosmetic injections that include fillers, Botox, and micopenning. The concept is making the process as easy and welcoming as possible.

Dry Products

Dry beauty products

We’re short enough on water that beauty companies are trying to reduce the amount of H20 that they’re putting into their products. Sounds odd, I know. But also superconscious. We can expect to see more products like powder cleansers and sheet masks that theoretically should reduce the water used during production. Just don’t run the sink while you use them!

Healthier Beauty Products

Beauty Trends

Gone are the days of hidden ingredients. The production of beauty products is more transparent than ever, as is the plethora or information about what those ingredients do and don’t do. The competition is high to come up with not only the most effective beauty products, but the ones are healthiest for both humans and the rest of the planet. Brands are focusing on exactly that as they roll out upcoming lines.

Products that Do Double Duty

healthy skincare convenient

Or triple duty. If beauty products truly offer some sort of convenience factor while being all-around awesome in other ways, you can bet that people are going to veer towards them.

Why use a few different products when there’s a single one that will get the job done better than ever? In 2019 we can expect to see a variety of different bundle products that are going to save time and also take some of the guesswork out of skincare routines. Think products that tone and moisturize in the same step.

Healthy and convenient? We’re into it, 2019.

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