Bryce Vine Release Introspective EP ‘Problems’

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Bryce Vine has released a new, introspective EP called Problems. The multi-platinum artist wrote three of the personal songs while in quarantine. The EP also features the previously released tracks “Problems” and “Life Goes On.”

Bryce says, “As life gets harder, I try to write things that make me feel better. It’s what I do. I never want to make the same song twice. A lot of this music was inspired while I was sitting by myself in my room during quarantine with nothing else to do but get better at guitar. That’s how I wrote as a kid in the living room or in my garage. It was a return to that.”

Bryce describes the EP’s focal track “It Falls Apart” as “a day-in-the-life of a shitty time. All of these songs have a sadness to them, but there’s hopefulness—because I will always try to stay hopeful.”

“I’m just as lost as you are, blame it all on the stars, if it falls apart, it falls apartyou light me up, I’ve been in the dark…” 

The track “Problems” hopes “their mostly gone by June.” (The problems. What a time.)

Bryce has over a billion streams from past EP releases like Lazy Fair (2014) and Night Circus (2016.) The Los Angeles-based multiplatinum singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist came onto the music scene in 2013, and first hit the international level with the double-platinum smash “Drew Barrymore.”

Listen to the rest of the EP here.


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