Cian Ducrot Releases “Fucked Up All the Time”

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Cian Ducrot Releases "Fucked Up All the Time"

Multi-instrumentalist musician Cian Ducrot has released his latest single “Fucked Up All the Time.”

The artist takes a nomadic approach to pop music, having been raised in Cork, based in Camden, and sometimes recording in Los Angeles.

“Fucked Up All the Time” follows singles “Clothes” and “21 Seconds.” The track was released on Cian Ducrot’s own label and distributed by Believe.

“I wrote that song after a dispute with my family when they were teasing me for dropping out of college as it was a big risk! Everything in life seemed like it was abandoning me and this song flowed out with all those feelings! My family is always extremely supportive and continues to be but in this one moment I felt like I had lost that and it was frightening.”

The college he’s referring to is London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Music—where he’d been granted a full scholarship. However, Ducrot was finding that he’d end up missing school to write his own material and teach himself production.

After finding an unlikely mentor in Shawn Mendes’ pianist Eddy Ruyter, Cian realized that leaving school was the best option, and while undoubtedly a hard decision, it ended up being an inspiring one.

The single release of “Fucked Up All the Time” is accompanied by a monochrome video, in which Cian is seen playing almost every instrument – from piano and guitar to drums and flute.

“It was hard,” he says of shooting the video. “I cried. We had limited time and budget and I really wanted to nail it with all my emotions. We did a lot of takes to get one I was happy with but it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to shoot more!”

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Cian Ducrot Releases "Fucked Up All the Time"
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