Oklahoma Based Photographer Amanda Martin Opens Up

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Oklahoma Based Photographer Amanda Martin Opens Up

Dear Divvy,

My name is Amanda Martin and I am a photographer… a word/title I hate because I feel like I will never live up to it. When asked when or why I started shooting I never really know what to say. Now, looking back, I have always loved photography or saw things in picture form. I love people watching, studying movements, finding beauty in EVERY body, and creating a story through angles and light.

Oklahoma photographer

I feel that my whole life trajectory has lead me to photography. I always knew that there was an artist in me, but finding my art was a long process. I experimented with interior design, sewing, movement, hair, make-up…the the works. It wasn’t until I was gifted a beautiful camera for my birthday in 2017 did I have that “Harry finding his wand” moment.

oklahoma based photographer

It felt natural, and all I could think about were the images that I couldn’t wait to create. My mind organically saw and created in portraits. My craft grew from photographing family and friends to capturing yoga and movement, and most recently my clientele has been wanting more boudoir.

Boudoir photography is not something I ever thought of doing or really even knew about. With that said, it has quickly jumped to my favorite type of shooting environment. The energy and purpose of each individual drive for why they want to do it, makes each shoot so unique, empowering, and fun.

As I grow in my art, my hope is to be able to empower more women of all ages, races, and backgrounds; to grow my audience and begin traveling to allow my creativity to flourish beyond what my day to day now can generate.

Attached are a few samples of the amazing humans I have had the privilege to photograph, get to know, and befriend.

Find the Oklahoma based photographer on Instagram: @lifeforce_photography

oklahoma photographer

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