Ming & Ping Release Three-Track Electronic EP

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Electronic pop duo Ming and Ping pose in a street at night.

Electronic Pop Duo Ming & Ping Release Three-Track EP ‘Los Angeles November 2019.’

Identical twin brothers Ming & Ping were born in Hong Kong and are now based in L.A., where they make music with producer and creative director Bao Vo. The sound of their most recent release, ‘Los Angeles November 2019’ was created by combining vintage synthesizers with layered vocals.

Heavy influences for the project included 1980s new wave bands like Pet Shop Boys and New Order – as well as themes from ‘Blade Runner’ such as humanity, identity, and reality. The music itself features samples that were recorded in three different cities, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

“Many of the lyrics have taken on more depth while exploring the chaos, grit, speed, and loneliness of a crowded urban environment. Although we grew up in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, which is quite a chaotic place, we find more realism in the humanity and desperation we see in Downtown Los Angeles”.

The three-track EP is meant to be listened to continuously and features a journey of death, birth, life, and death again.

Ming & Ping are now considering launching a live performing arts show.

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