IMDme, a Community-Based Platform for IMDb Members

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UPDATE: IMDme is now Lot Club

IMDme, a community-based platform exclusive to select IMDb members is now accepting applications.

The platform offers a place where entertainment professionals can come together to discover potential job opportunities, collaborators, advice–or anything else they might be looking for from the film and TV community.

The functionality of the IMDme app will be user-friendly and somewhat familiar to those already using social apps, but with some new features that we haven’t yet seen put into play. Communicating with the entertainment community and exploring peer industry news is about to get a lot more interesting.

The co-founders of IMDme have been in entertainment and tech for over a decade, working on 400+ feature films, including 20+ Oscar winners. They bring an experienced perspective to this space.

The IMDme team hopes that the app “will not only connect other filmmakers and creatives to more easily find work and launch projects but also provide a trustworthy and fun community where we can come together and discuss all things entertainment.”

Existing IMDb members are welcome to submit an application to the select community, which will be reviewed to ensure legitimacy prior to acceptance.

Once in, IMDme members will have their profiles automatically generated for them. In addition to pulling past credits and project details from IMDb, there will be customizable options like linking social media sites, other websites, and a section for easily starting up conversation.

A “Next Up” section on the profile will be periodically updated. Members can share their own professional plans, needs, and wants as well as browse those of the community. At a minimum, it offers an ice breaker, but it may also open doors to much more.

As we continue navigating through the quarantine landscape and the numerous changes that it’s already brought to the entertainment industry, making new connections (or reconnecting with past ones!) will be more important than ever. IMDme is the new place to do it.

Applications to join IMDme are open now.

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