Ruby Red Release New Indie-Pop Single ‘Ozone’

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Indie-Pop Duo Ruby Red Release New Single “Ozone”

Musician duo Ruby Red, AKA childhood friends Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine, have been performing together since they were in elementary school. The Los Angeles-based duo takes a low-key synthpop approach to their indie-pop masterpieces.

The concept for “Ozone” was sparked by the fear of flying, and marks the first time that Ruby Red has taken on a more abstract subject matter versus making music from more personal experiences.

They shared:

“The song morphed into the narrator leaving something or someone behind for something new. Most people have at least one of these moments in their life where they undergo this great, overwhelming migration from what they know and love into the unknown.”

The duo has released two other singles this year, “How It Should Feel,” and “Superbloom.” The recent releases follow their 2018 EP release, Lovelock.

Their latest live performances in California include The Satellite, The Mint, opening for The Palms & Bay Ledges in San Luis Obispo, CA, and most recently playing Breaking Sound LA at The Peppermint Club.

indie pop duo ruby red spotify

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