L.A. Gets a Mini Golf Bar Pop-Up

March 15 to May 25

By Kate Ferguson

mini golf bar
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L.A. Gets a Mini Golf Bar Pop-Up

I don’t know about you but I always feel like blending childhood activities with a bar is always a real draw. I like to entice people into thinking that a visit to the L.A. Zoo is a good idea based on the fact that you can walk around the place with open wine like it’s Las Vegas or something. (My most memorable New Year’s Day activity yet.)

The plethora of bar/arcade blends in downtown L.A. is a great example of this as well. So imagine my delight to find out that a mini-golf bar pop-up in landing in the city of angels this very week.

Hole 19 is named pretty appropriately. The term is used as a joke in golf land, it’s where you head after you play 18 holes. Ie: the bar.

This Beverly Grove mini golf bar pop-up will feature nine holes, a bar, a lounge, and even vegan food trucks. Apparently this type of setup is a very popular thing in London, something that founder Kara Godfrey thought Los Angeles needed ASAP. If all goes well, the pop-up might move to a more permanent location.

The pop-up in its current form will be open March 15 to May 25

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