Lili Kendall Debuts Full-Length Project, ‘love, herself.’

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Lili Kendall has debuted a full-length project called love, herself., a transformative and healing body of work that chronicles womanhood, self-empowerment, love, and life.

Lili Kendall’s sound goes beyond any single genre or style, encompassing elements of soul, R&B and pop. love, herself. The LP was written during a transformative period in Lili’s life, which followed a move from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, CA.


Lili shares:

“I’ve found peace in the lyrics of these songs, writing this project has been how I processed and released all that I’ve encountered over the last two years, and I hope listening to these songs has the same effect on people that they’ve had on me.”

The project is part fantastical, part soul, all depth. In certain parts, we feel like we’re waking up in the midst of one of Lili’s dreams, at other moments like we might be making observations on the passing happenings of a warm night.

The title track “love, herself” dives into feeling “irrational when it comes to men.”

And later the discovery:

“I think I am in love with love, herself.”

“Hallelujah” is one of the deeper soul songs of the project which built up, and might make you want to belt.

“In love we trust/’cause god damn it you’re worth it.”

Some of the songs feature voices speaking, one time discussing the power dynamic between men and women, another time questioning “what does Lili want.” Lili is joined by rapper pineappleCITI on the “closed door interlude.”

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