Liminal Drops a Live Video for “Inner Talk/Over Thought”

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Tom Crouch Liminal

Liminal Drops a Live Video for “Inner Talk/Over Thought”

L.A.-based artist Liminal (Tom Crouch) has dropped a live studio video for the single “Inner Talk/Over Thought.” I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with the very talented artist a few months ago for a full-length interview.

The artist takes an experimental approach to the concept of being an artist. The room allows for interesting collaborations and truly beautiful, transcendent music.

This latest video was directed by two-time Emmy-award-winning filmmaker Ben Hunter of Life & Thyme‘s The Migrant Kitchen. It’s a notably warm and full experience while sustaining so much depth and mood. (Both to listen and to view.)

Tom’s voice and focused immersion in the music are, I’d have to say, somewhat enchanting. I could sing his praises all day. But for now, let’s just listen to him sing…

Stay tuned for an upcoming EP this fall.

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