Nice to Meet You, FUKC Band

“We like to think that we’re the soundtrack to Brexit.”


FUKC band. One part John, one part Lemu. Lemu has a love of electronica and John has an English post-punk obsession. Both of the guys are inspired by 60’s and 70’s French pop.

“Being both English and French, we like to think that we’re the soundtrack to Brexit.”

The duo’s first, recently released single is entitled “My Father’s Son.” The song is a fun, electro/alt mixture that’s quite catchy and a solid first release.

As for what we can expect next from the guys, that would be “loads more new music, videos and sofa surfing.”

“We have so much music we want to get out before we do anything live; we’re totally independent right now so we can release to our own schedule which for us is exciting…maybe one track a month, maybe more. We have plans but we’re going to wait to do live shows; we want them to an be an extravaganza, a portal into the FUKC world, not just a replica of the records.”

The guys can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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