Los Angeles Film Photographer Bryan Octaviano

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Photo by Bryan Octaviano of a blonde woman laying on a car.

Photographer to Know:

Bryan Octaviano AKA @octohpus._


Bryan “Bry” Octaviano.


San Fernando Valley.

Film photo by photographer Bryan Octaviano of a man leaping in front of a bright yellow building.

What type of camera(s) do you shoot with?

  1. Canon Ae1 (main)
  2. Canon t3
  3. Contax t2

When and why do you shoot film?

I mostly shoot on film. I started off with digital, but I soon realized that I get trigger happy and forget to focus. Shooting film helped me slow down and forced me to take enough time to compose the right shot.

Plus the process of capturing the moment in film feels more natural. I like how it captures the color and whatever happens along the development process is just part of the art.

How would you describe your style?

I feel my style is a bit everywhere. Even though I always shoot portraits and fashion, I like to experiment with double exposure. I like the surprise you get even if the shots are planned out.

How did you first get started in photography?

MySpace in all honesty. I just wanted to have a dope profile picture. So I always carried my mom’s camera with me, either using it to photograph my friends or on a tripod for a selfie. Nothing crazy or exciting, but I sure thought they were cool. Then when I turned 19 that’s when I started to take it seriously.

What are you working on now?

I’m mostly working on food photography since my day job is a cook.  I love making food as much as photography, so why not do both?!

Photo by Bryan Octaviano of a man jumping in front a blue sky.

What gets you excited to shoot?

Visiting a new place or revisiting an old shooting ground always is something to look forward to. Also, working with new faces presents me with new challenges.

What is your process like for shooting people?

Depends on the situation, when shooting street portraits I try to look at every one. People always have something that catches my attention. From a wrinkly old shirt to a shiny gold ring, I would use that to break the ice and take the picture.

What are your goals? 

My main goal is to be published and to use photography to take me around the world. I know it’s not impossible, but it will take lots of work.

Bryan can be found on his website and on Instagram at @octohpus._


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