Aicha Dosso Releases New Single “J’en ai marre”

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NYC-based artist Aicha Dosso has been widely recognized as an accomplished model, actress, entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter. Her projects in these various fields have all been successful, with her biggest accomplishment being Uma Thurman’s partner on screen for the film Ceremony (2010).  

Recently, she debuted her music career with a single and music video titled “Bien,” a french song reviving the forgotten art of Parsian-style musical cabaret with the sophisticated addition of special flavor coming straight out of NYC. 

It is with high excitement that we today premiere her latest creation, “J’en ai marre,” a new single in total alignment with her debut release, as she consistently pursues soothing and poetic vibrations stemming from her signature blend between Parisian Cabaret and NYC-inspired sonorities.

The song’s title means “I’ve had enough.”

Aicha Dosso explores the many aspects she dislikes in today’s society, including people who can’t love, display violent behaviors, take but never give back or abuse others’ trust. 

Aicha Dosso was born in Ivory Coast and grew up in Paris where she has studied English at La Sorbonne. Later on, she moved to New York to study method acting at the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. The French superstar Edith Piaf has played a major role in shaping her passion and taste for music, as she was admired by both her parents who used to play her songs during Aicha’s childhood.

She now resides in New York City. A city that inspired her to incorporate her own special kind of vintage retro-pop in her new creations. She had a successful modeling career in her native Africa, and later has been a film and theatre actress, seen on screen as a lead in the award-winning feature BYE BYE AFRICA (as Aicha Yelena; Venice Film Festival, Cinema Venice Award in the category Best First Film, Luigi De Laurentiis Award – Special Mention) and in a 2010 film CEREMONY (dir. Max Winkler, starring Uma Thurman) as well as in theatrical productions off-Broadway. Her first song album will be released in 2020.

With “Bien” and “J’en ai marre,” it is clear Aicha Dosso is a born talent who will rapidly conquer new fans’ hearts. She has also announced that she is currently working on a full album. So until then, get familiar with her new single, “J’en ai marre.” 

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