Red Bull Drops New Hip Hop Songwriting Series ‘The Cut’

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Red Bull Drops New Hip Hop Songwriting Series ‘The Cut’
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Red Bull Drops New Hip Hop Songwriting Series ‘The Cut’

Red Bull drops a new hip hop songwriting series called The Cut, which is hosted by Quality Control’s multi-platinum record producer and DJ OG Parker. (Parker has produced for Migos, Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, and Katy Perry, among others).

The Cut provides an inside look into song creation, with the addition of competition and the potential for big wins. The series features 18 unsigned songwriters and producers who get randomly paired up and tasked with creating an original hip hop track from scratch in a quick ten hours. And that means everything; they’ll write, arrange, and record their tracks to completion within the time frame.

Through peer selection, three duos will go through to the final round, where a champion duo will be chosen.

The winning songwriter will be awarded a Red Bull Songs publishing deal, and the winning producer will receive recording time in the Red Bull Music Studio in Los Angeles

While none of the talent knew each other prior to the show, the cast is full of experienced talent across hip-hop and R&B.

That talent includes Grammy Award-winning songwriter Ta$ha Catour, R&B singer Adonis the Greek, platinum producer Ye Ali, Brooklyn native Cryssy Bandz, self-taught producer Charlie Shuffer, melodic rapper JELEEL!, multifaceted artist Jermaine Elliot, lyrical genius Jon Swaii and rapper/peace activist Kid Lennon.

Hip Hop Songwriting Series

Host Parker said:

“I am incredibly impressed with the high level of creativity and originality that stemmed from this dynamic group. The dedication and musical growth of everyone this season was unparalleled, and Red Bull and I are proud to give wings to these talented artists.”

All episodes of The Cut are now streaming, exclusively on Red Bull TV.

Red Bull Drops New Hip Hop Songwriting Series ‘The Cut’

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