Rising Singer-Songwriter Nazanin Drops Brand New Single “Red Light”

New-York-City-based singer-songwriter Nazanin just released her second single ever, “Red Light,” a magical song distilling powerfully sensual vibes in perfect synchronicity with her astonishingly beautiful voice. She unleashes her emotions on the soulful “Red Light,” and talks about her need to let go of a toxic relationship. 

After the exquisite debut single, “Infatuation,” Nazanin returns with an empowering anthem for all those who feel trapped in the wrong relationship. From Beyonce to Dua Lipa, Celine Dion and Lana Del Rey, Nazanin gets inspired by some of the most iconic figures who have helped shape the music industry in the past decades.  

She merges pop and R&B in her own distinctive style, setting the tone for everything to come next for the gorgeous singer-songwriter whose voice holds unexplainable elements of magic. The fact that she discovered her talent for singing at only 6 years old might explain that despite her young age, she has had plenty of time to develop, improve and polish her incredible vocal skills. 

Have a listen for yourself to Nazanin’s new single, “Red Light,” down below:


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