Samantha’s Living Room is Back Friday With Musician Aaron Kellim

Friday April 26, 8PM

Samantha’s Living Room

Samantha’s Living Room is heading into its second week of being open the public, and the (free!) tickets for Friday’s Los Angeles experience are now available.

Samantha’s Living Room is an extension of Samantha Sessions, which was started by filmmaker Jake Williams. Samantha is the name of a couch, a $10 item discovered at a garage sale that became the centerpiece for what would become an interview spot and performance platform for many people those who identify as an artist. The Sessions were filmed pieces, and the Living Room incarnation of Samantha’s life is a live show.

Williams explained his choice to invite this week’s musical guest of Aaron Kellim to Samantha’s Living Room.

“He has been a long time friend of mine and supporter of Samantha. His art lies in the selflessness of his character, being that he creates art ONLY for other people. That was the greatest thing that has drawn me to Aaron as an artist. Our selection of artists are special beyond their talent. Each and every one of them has a greater reason as to why they do what they do. We simply give them a place to communicate that.”

You can get a taste of Kellim’s music via his Samantha Sessions here:

As for what else to expect from this week’s event, Williams is keeping it a bit of a surprise.

“I don’t want to say too much, but this Friday is going to be special… Aaron has crafted the skill of immersing the entire room into beautiful emotion. He is a talented musician, but he is an even better human being, and that is apparent through his live performances. On top of that, we have two other artists who will capture your attention and speak and perform directly to your hearts. Friday night is going to be very special…”

Jake Williams Samantha Sessions

The event will be held at Stellar Stag Gallery, this Friday, April 26th and every two weeks after. Doors open at 8PM.

Jake Williams Samantha Sessions

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