Singer/Songwriter Charlotte Sands Releases New Single “Special”

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Charlotte Sands
Massachusetts native and pop singer/songwriter Charlotte Sands has released her new single & video “Special.” The video is available to view now on YouTube, and the song can be streamed on all DSPs worldwide.
“This is a song about a guy I was seeing who, immediately after telling me how ‘special’ I was, told me that he didn’t want to date me and that we should just be friends,” explains Charlotte. “I drove home that night and started to realize how many times I had been called ‘special’ over the years by guys that ended up not wanting to be in a relationship with me, and I wrote ‘I’m so sick of being special’ in my notes. I thought the idea of thinking something is rare but not holding onto it was interesting, and that’s where the lyrics ‘it’s so easy how you let go, guess I’m not that fu***** special’ came from.”
Charlotte Sands
Art by Jacqueline Day
Charlotte was raised on 2000s pop punk and is rooted in the lyricism of folk singer/songwriters. The artist effortlessly connects with listeners through messaging that tells a story with positive and bright sounds that make it nearly impossible not to move.
With a live show that is described as “electric,” Sands quickly establishes a bond with fans through an energetic and uplifting human experience.

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