Sir Winston Drops Single ‘Everybody Must Dance’

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Sir Winston everybody must dance

Sir Winston asks you to dance.

Written and recorded between the cities of Melbourne and New York back in 2015, “Everybody Must Dance” is a track that almost never saw the light of day due to the untimely death of the song’s inspiration, David Bowie.

With driving guitar and percussion coupled with vocal melodies that will rattle around in your head long after that first playback, ‘Everybody Must Dance’ is the dance-inducing debut single from the independent artist, Sir Winston.

The core of the song is not complicated; through that never-ending bassline and repeated title line, Winston certainly sets up an idyllic scene.

Recorded between studios in both Australia and the U.S., the sonic influences driving the song range from LCD Soundsystem’s monotone bass to Dick Dale’s surf guitar. Mixed and engineered by Abe Seiferth (RAC, Car Seat Headrest, Yeasayer) in Brooklyn, this is a song primed to be a soundtrack to unforgettable late nights.

Winston himself states, “The song is a fairytale – about being in love, adventure and the rhythm of life.” 

Snippets of the ‘Everybody Must Dance’ are currently featured in high-profile collaborations with Maybelline feat Adriana Lima, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret, which lead up to its official release last week. The track also features a remix package that highlights three distinct and fantastic edits of the song.

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