Ducato Di Oia — Boutique Hotel in Santorini

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Ducato Di Oia Hotel in Santorini Greece.

I’m pretty sure you could put me anywhere in Santorini, Greece and I’d be happy, but I’d be extra happy staying at the town’s Ducato Di Oia hotel.

The hotel’s location is set up on the hill with insane views of the Aegean Sea. It’s perched right above the Armeni harbor, which is known for not getting any wind at all. The boutique hotel features 11 cave-style hotel rooms, nine of which have their own private pools. (See below.)

Some of the rooms also include indoor jacuzzis. I’m a huge sucker for pools and anything that mixes together fun or relaxation with water, so this place looks like a dream to me. Swoon.

Indoor pool at the Santorini Hotel, boutique Ducato di Oia.
Image courtesy of ducato.gr



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