The Best Hotel Pools in L.A. (that You Can Use Without a Room Reservation)

I f-ing love an L.A. pool.

The Best Hotel Pools in L.A.
Image by Margot Pandone

I f-ing love an L.A. pool. Truly. I would spend a lot more time relaxing at L.A. pools if had more free time, but I also feel pretty lucky to live here and have the option when I do in fact, have free time. You’ll probably be able to find me at at least one of these pools at some point this summer. Insert sunglasses/smiley face emoji.

The following are some of the best hotel pools in L.A. They’re cute, fun, and…you don’t need to get a hotel room to be able to hang out at them. They’re awesome.

  1. Tropicana at the Roosevelt

The pool area of the Hollywood Roosevelt is called the Tropicana bar. On some weekend days they have some pretty big events, but other days there’s just a bunch of people relaxing by the pool. The lounges are usually reserved for guests, but you can still swim and get food. They also do events during the summer where you can swim and watch movies at night. Swoon.

2. The Standard Hollywood

The Standard Hollywood is one of my all-time favorite pools. There’s something about the blue astroturf that really gets your girl all excited about sunny lounging. It’s also a relatively chill spot. You do have to flash an ID and promise to buy stuff before they let you onto the pool deck, but you were probably going to buy some drinks anyway.

3. The Standard Downtown

Yep, there are two Standard hotels in Los Angeles! I haven’t spent as much time downtown as at the Hollywood location, but the pool at the Standard downtown is up high on the roof with some pretty cool views. They too have plenty of daytime pool parties.

4. Mondrian

The Mondrian hotel’s pool area is conjoined with Skybar, their bar. The hotel has a lot of fun summer parties, so expect DJ’s and high energy. Go here when you’re looking for a more social pool day.

5. The Sixty Beverly Hills

The pool area the the Sixty hotel is called Above Sixty. Getting there just requires a ride up the elevator. The beds are reserved for guests, but if there’s no one using, they might let you if you ask really nicely and order some wine.

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