Wonho Releases Solo Mini Album ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’

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Singer-Songwriter-Producer, Wonho, has released his highly anticipated solo mini albumLove Synonym #2: Right for Us.

With the release of his album last September announcing the start of his solo career, this album is a continuation of his ‘Love Synonym’ series and meant to dive deeper into Wonho as an artist and continue to solidify his story.

Wonho’s debut last year resonated with fans all around the world, with the album quickly climbing to No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, and ranking high on the iTunes charts in 30 countries and Billboard World Digital Song Sales Charts.

Wonho is further exploring his range of artistry on this album by showcasing his songwriting and producing skills throughout multiple tracks. The focus track “Lose” depicts the story of a man who has overcome the trauma of parting, trying to get over the breakup to face and find his true self.

With lyrics such as “Don’t wanna fight. Don’t wanna play. I can’t get over you. Just wanna watch. You leave tonight. It’s something I can’t do. Cos baby in your game of love. I know I’m gonna lose,” Wonho showcases his ability to embrace and exhibit the emotions he’s holding inside. The music video, using implicit fantasy elements, strongly conveys a man’s struggle to escape his nightmare.

For the first time during his solo career, Wonho has teamed up with an American artist on the track “Ain’t About You.” Multi-platinum singer-songwriter, KIIARA’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with Wonho’s, creating an addictive bittersweet breakup track; You’re so hard to resist. A love that hurt like this. I wish it wasn’t hell. To love you more than you love yourself.”

Co-written by Wonho“WENEED,” was inspired by the official fandom name ‘WENEE,’ containing sincerity for his fans and the people around him who have sent him infinite support and affection. Wonho spills out his true emotions through his heartfelt delivery; “Even in the darkest times. You were the one pulling me through….When I’m back on the stage. Can you wave your hands again. This song’s for you. Can you sing it along.” 

“Flash” is a song that expresses the feelings of letting someone go, comparing a light to his yearning and longing. The lyrics emphasize a dreamy and sentimental feeling by comparing the flickering lights of a lighthouse to the characteristics of the other person’s emotions; which illuminate the darkness and are later recognized by someone who is having a hard time. By exploring many different genres throughout this mini-album, Wonho has a song for every listener.

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